The Author

John Di Frances

Question? So why is a global business consultant and author writing fiction?

Answer: Because whoever you are, we all need a little fantasy … make-believe … an escape from REAL LIFE. And if it incorporates a bit of suspense, all the better!

Face it, modern life is fraught with pressure, stress, deadlines, commitments …

John’s multifaceted career has included some unusual activities from Advanced  (Black) Military Weapons Systems Design to working undercover in the Caribbean Islands to uncover and seize assets of white-collar criminals. One such assignment included seizing of a $13.6 million dollar estate. He has worked in cooperation with the FBI, RCMP and the Swiss National Police.

However, most of his professional life has been dedicated to helping companies, nonprofits and government agencies in the twin disciplines of Open Innovation and Strategy, or what John terms Strategic Open Innovation. He has consulted globally to a wide range of organizations from Fortune 100’s to start-ups. The author of multiple business books, he is also a sought-after keynote speaker. John’s professional websites are:

Strategic Open Innovation

Keynote Speaking

The Legacy Project

PRETENSE, the first book in the trilogy is now available in Hardcover, Softcover, AudioBook, and eBook at the full range of independent bookstores and online book retailers worldwide.


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John is the author of four business books:

  • Achieving Sustainable Growth & Profitability: The Practical Application of Strategic Innovation in Business (2016)
  • Minding The Giraffes: The People Side of Innovation (2012)
  • Reclaiming The Ethical High Ground: Developing Organizations of Character (2002)
  • JackBilt A Company: Of Happy, Successful People (2001)

His upcoming business books are :

  • REAL Strategic Planning: A CEO’s™ Guide
  • Radical Leadership

In late 2016, his love of narrative storytelling and international intrigue finally led him to begin fulfilling a lifelong desire to write fiction and thus, the IMBROGLIO TRILOGY was born.