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by author John Di Frances is a masterly crafted political suspense thriller set in Europe. It centers on an intriguing, though monstrous, conspiracy which rapidly engulfs the continent. The events are pure fiction, but at the same time, could occur at any time.

John Di Frances set out to write this trilogy from a love for writing and realistic fiction suspense thrillers. His delight in reading political suspense thrillers began with Agatha Christie’s Poirot and John Le Carre’s Smiley, wherein rich character development and an intriguing plot, with numerous twists and surprises, forms the heart of the story?

Plot, character development, realism, and believability are critical to John in developing these stories. The places described are real, including street names, as well as hotels, restaurants, airports and train stations … and their descriptions, are accurate to the maximum extent consistent with the story. There is action, but it does not dominate, much less overwhelm the storyline.

John is the author of multiple business books and will continue to write those, as part of his profession. Meanwhile, PRETENSE is his initial foray into the realm of fiction and John hopes that you will enjoy your journey into the Imbroglio Trilogy, as much as he has enjoyed creating it for you!

PRETENSE, the first book in the trilogy, begins with the opening acts of the conspiracy and concludes with a partial, but far from complete plot resolution. The second book which John is currently writing is The BAIT! and the final book, REVELATIONS. You can read or listen to the audio version of the first two chapters of PRETENSE free right now, by clicking here.

Through our contact page or the form below, the author invites your feedback and you can sign up to receive author signed early release copies of The BAIT! and REVELATIONS. You can also sign up for his  blog where John will post more information about the Imbroglio Trilogy and respond to reader comments.

 PRETENSE, the first book in the trilogy is now available in Hardcover, Softcover, AudioBook, and eBook at the full range of independent bookstores and online book retailers worldwide.


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